What Every Judge Needs to Know About Money in Judicial Elections


What tips or advice would you give to judicial candidates?

What should Judges Consider when they first think about running for Election?

Are there general principles regarding fundraising in a judicial election?

How directly are the candidates involved in asking for funding?

Do states make an effort to distinguish between fund raising in judicial elections as opposed to other types of elections?

Is it helpful if the judicial election is non-partisian?

What other things should candidates consider regarding money issues in a campaign?

Are there times when a Judge should turn down a contribution?

Is there a threshold dollar amount that is perceived to be enough to "corrupt" the election?

To what extent should staff determine communications about fund raising?

What is the role of independt groups in fundraising and how should it be handled?

Viewers should be aware of the "Caperton V. Massey" Supreme Court ruling.

What limits do you see on the use of campaign materials?

Most judges are lawyers who generally are required to sign an oath to uphold the law.