Resources for Judges on Election Law and Litigation

Since Bush vs. Gore—and even more so with the rise of COVID-19—election litigation has become commonplace in the United States. Election litigation often forces judges to make quick decisions interpreting complex state election codes—decisions that impact public confidence in electoral outcomes. Responding to calls from members of state judiciaries, the National Center for State Courts and William & Mary Law School partnered to form the Election Law Program in 2005. Since then, the Election Law Program has worked towards its mission to develop resources for judges on state election law topics.

The Election Law Program is committed to providing high-quality resources to state court judges to enhance their understanding of state election codes and election litigation.  Featured here are a variety of resources, such as state election law “eBenchbooks,” a pilot project to annotate state election codes; election webinars for members of the judiciary; and other resources.  If you have questions regarding content on this website, please contact us.