Managing a Recount: What Every Judge Needs To Know

Minnesota secretary of state mark Ritchie provides lessons learned from his experience working with the Minnesota supreme court to run the 2008 Franken-Coleman recount. Secretary Ritchie answers a series of questions that provide an overview of the key issues judges should be aware of when handling recount and recount-related matters.

What members of the state judiciary are typically involved in recounts?

What parties are typically before a court in a recount?

What can a judge expect in terms of timing in a recount?

What is the role of technology in recounts?

What is the role of judges in a partisan conflict? What is your advice for judges in managing a partisan conflict?

Any advice you may have for judges who are elected in partisan elections participating in recounts?

Any other advice you would like to give state court judges or another in the federal judiciary about overseeing recounts?